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A theatrical challenge to create instant impact in retail stores

Published: October 17, 2023

The world of theatrical retail cardboard displays is the intersection of creativity, sustainability, and functionality. Temporary corrugated cardboard display units are a versatile and dynamic solution for retail store placement and promotions and Easypack have been tasked with an ever-increasing need to ‘surpass last year’s display’ by many clients, for decades. 

Imagine walking into a bustling retail store, and your eyes are instantly drawn to a captivating display that not only demands attention, but it also showcases products and often tells a compelling story. This is where the theatrical challenge of creating temporary corrugated cardboard display units takes centre stage. It’s the theatrical dimension.

The Power of Cardboard in Theatre

Corrugated cardboard is the unsung hero of the retail world. Its lightweight yet sturdy nature makes it the perfect material for crafting innovative, cost-effective, and eco-friendly displays. Cardboard can be cost effectively made to represent virtually whatever can be conceived and once designed, printed, and assembled it screams “LOOK!” to anyone that comes near.

These corrugated cardboard displays are designed to shine for a limited time, and then they gracefully exit the stage, minimising waste, and environmental impact. They’ve done their job, attracted plenty of attention, sold product and can go for recycling to do another job in another form on another day. The show goes on.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, cardboard displays are often not just the best solution, they’re the only viable solution when theatrics and super styling are needed. They are easily recyclable and biodegradable, aligning with a store’s eco-friendly initiatives. Plus, their temporary nature reduces the need for long-term storage and disposal concerns.

Theatrical Design and Creativity Meets Functionality

Crafting temporary cardboard displays is a fusion of art and science. Easypack’s Designers must consider the store’s layout, product placement, and the brand’s aesthetic while ensuring the structure can withstand promoting all manner of product in a bustling retail environment, and the often less than delicate handling of customers. It’s a balancing act that requires innovation, ingenuity, and a full understanding of structural and weight distribution dynamics as well as the ability for artful flair.Temporary corrugated cardboard theatrical display units are the unsung stars of retail stores, adding a theatrical dimension to the customers shopping experience. They effortlessly combine design, functionality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to create captivating.