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Quarter Pallet Cardboard Displays

Display units, ideal for compact retail spaces

Quarter pallet cardboard display units typically cover a floor footprint of 600mm x 400 to 500mm.  As with all Easypack’s cardboard displays, they can be produced fully liveried with promotional headers; display a full range of products, or bulk filled with just one product.  

As quarter pallet displays occupy a relatively small footprint it means that they can easily fit in small retail spaces, perhaps providing additional facings at the side of gondola units and spaces near checkout tills. They’re a perfect solution for smaller local stores where there perhaps isn’t enough free space to house a full pallet cardboard display.  The versatility of quarter pallet displays makes them perfect for seasonal and promotional ranges and with their solid bases can easily be used to promote heavier items such as filled tins, jars, cartons, and bottles.

The Easypack team will work with you to design and manufacture your quarter pallet display units to your exact specifications to maximise in-store effectiveness.  The team will also give you the option to have your display units delivered flat packed for easy shipment and storage, pre-assembled or fully assembled and pre-filled through our co-packing facility.

Easypack will support and guide your through the process of designing and manufacturing your quarter pallet displays, from concept through to delivery, originating unique artwork or adapting existing artwork, whatever works best for you.

Quarter Pallet Display for Unibond product to sit at the end of an aisle in a DIY store

Why Choose Easypack Displays?

  • Tailored creative design to your exact specifications
  • Always maximise product facings and stock holding
  • Supply individually packed, bulk packed, pre-assembled or pre-filled
  • Maintained an ‘On Time In Full’ delivery of between 97.9% and 99.8% since 2007
  • Quality construction that will withstand busy environments & adhere to store guidelines
  • 100% recyclable, made from recycled and sustainable forestry materials
  • All sustainable forestry materials are FSC®-certified

To discuss your temporary cardboard display options please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.

More examples of quarter pallet cardboard display units

Carling Pallet
quarter Pallet Display
Duet Quarter Bar Chocolate Display
Quarter Pallet
Brewdog Half pallet display for pop soda
Quarter Pallet Califia Farms display
Reese's Quarter Pallet Display
Caffe Latte, Love Island inspired bottles
Unbind Quarter Pallet Display

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