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Intelligent & Sustainable Corrugated Packaging

Design Development

Great design is achieved through collaboration. Our design led team will work with you to ensure a great finished product is achieved whilst maximising packing line and supply chain efficiencies.


Great product is delivered by choosing the correct materials for your design, driving efficiencies, and reducing your overall supply chain costs without compromising on the quality of your product.

Stock and Serve

A service reserved for those customers who require a “Just In Time” delivery service to facilitate their manufacturing or packing process. This will often involve multiple SKU’s and a rapidly changing demand forecast.

Case Studies

We’ve chosen a few examples we hope you can relate to your packaging needs and help you understand how we can support you with your cardboard packaging.

Manor Packaging’s ‘how to’ guide

With all the complexities of today’s retail environments and complex supply chains,  it’s more important than ever to partner with a packaging company that can support you through the process. This how to brochure will guide you through the process.

Social Media

Constantly updated with informative and interesting content.

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