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Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy

Equal Opportunities

Fencor is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination or harassment.  At all times, it aims to:

  • Select, recruit, develop and promote the very best people, basing judgement solely on suitability for the job
  • Ensure all applicants and employees receive fair and equal treatment irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, nationality, colour, race, national origin, religion or belief, age or disability
  • Maintain a working environment free from harassment and intimidation
  • Ensure that existing and new legislative Acts based on a stated right to equal treatment are strictly adhered to
  • Deal speedily and effectively with any complaints of alleged discrimination and/or harassment, ensuring all such complaints are fully investigated and that remedial action is taken where necessary

Diversity Policy

Fencor Packaging is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst employees. Our aim is that our staff will be truly representative of all sections of society and each feel respected and able to give their best whilst at work. This means inclusion and fairness for all staff, and not to discriminate on grounds of gender, gender reassignment, marital status (including civil partnerships and single sex marriage), race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age or any other status. 

We oppose all forms of unlawful and or unjustifiable discrimination. All staff and stakeholders, whether part-time, full-time or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect. All staff will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential.

Our commitment: 

  • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our employees are recognised and valued. 
  • Every employee is entitled to an environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of bias, intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated. 
  • Training, development and progression opportunities will be made available to all employees. 
  • We will continually review all our employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness. 
  • The policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.