About Us

Dedicated Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer Who Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives

From single colour shipping and transit boxes to high colour, high quality carton board, retail ready packaging and Point of Sale projects we can provide you with the most cost, time and resource effective solution that is fit for purpose.

If we can make your life easier, help to make your process quicker or slicker, it will give you some distinct advantages and this is always one of our goals.

As UK manufacturers of corrugated packaging we are equipped to cope with both large and small runs, producing a complete range of corrugated packaging styles so that you can take advantage of the flexibility offered across the range.

Included in the product range are;

  • Glued Corrugated Boxes
  • Die-cut Packaging
  • Point-of-Sale Display Packaging
  • Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)
  • Transit boxes
  • Pallet Boxes/Pallet Displays

As a design led business our fully equipped CAD/CAM facilities are used by trained structural packaging designers to create innovative, bespoke packaging solutions for you and your clients.

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Everything Revolves Around You

EVERYTHING revolves around you


Solution Focused Design and Innovation

Having taken your initial brief a working concept will be produced to ensure we are all on the same track. After discussion and any necessary changes, your project will be progressed in stages until you are completely happy with what has been produced.

Creating bespoke designs is a core skill you can make the most of, we aim to design your packaging to use the minimum amount of material needed to maximise the strength of your packaging whilst producing a cost effective packaging solution for you.

Once your final design is confirmed as satisfying all necessary criteria, a representative CAD/CAM prototype will be produced. If needed, multiple samples will be provided to facilitate comprehensive pallet transit tests and validate the proposed packaging.

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What We Believe Customer Service Means

Excellent customer service is not just something that is talked about at Fencor, it is something we try to practice every day. The philosophy of the Group is that of customer focus.

You will find people working late to get a ‘rush job’ out to a customer who needs something urgently, couriers collecting designs for customers who need to make a decision, people driving miles to deliver samples so that customers can achieve their objectives.

As there is a culture of customer service a real ‘can do’ attitude comes through so, if it can physically be achieved, we will always do our best to ensure it happens on time and to a high standard.

Customer service is also about contacting you and letting you know if there is an issue, if something has gone wrong or if a mistake has been made. Nobody wants to make a mistake but it can happen and on these rare occasions we would let you know.

It is appreciated and understood that if you have all the right information, whatever the nature of the issue, query or need, you can make fully qualified decisions.

So, customer service isn’t just about smiling and being polite – it’s about understanding what you need from us to make your job easier.

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve or if you have any questions please contact us now.


The Core Values of Fencor Packaging Group Limited

Respect, communicating, helping each other and trust are all key to the efficiency of the service we strive to deliver. The core values below are great guides that help us continue to create and deliver ‘intelligent corrugated packaging’.

 To download a copy of the Fencor Packaging Group Corporate Social Responsibility Statement please click here.


Packaging People Who Will Always Help You

Expertise and experience in packaging operationally is an absolute necessity and we have a great deal of it; however what really makes the biggest difference to performance is our people.

It is the attitude and willingness to help and to focus on you as our customer which differentiates the Fencor team. If they have a can do attitude and the ability to do the job well, we know they’ll fit in and be an asset.

The training and development of the team keeps them focused on your needs and objectives, ensures they keep you up to date and informed so that you can make fully qualified decisions. They know that, even on the rare occasion it isn’t the best of news, you need to know so that you can deal with it.

The team at Fencor are proud of what they achieve for you, and we, in turn, are proud of them.

Please contact the team now if you have any questions.