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Cardboard Merchandising Units

Cardboard displays for pallet bases, also known as UDP’s & RDP’s

These types of cardboard merchandising units cover a pallet footprint of 800mm x 600mm. They’re known by different names in different market sectors and industries but essentially, they all do the same thing. They’re a cardboard display sitting on top of a 800 x 600 pallet base. They’re ideally suited to large, heavy, or bulky items.  

Attention grabbing promotional headers can be included with any unit and designed and printed to match product style and your brand guides.

A merchandising unit is suitable for use with a whole range of different products. They are perfect for retail gondola end spaces, foyers, and large high traffic promotional areas. Some of the previous units we’ve designed and manufactured have included those for the promotion and sale of catalogues, nappies, sauce jars, cleaning products, beer, wine, spirits, and many other heavy or bulky items.

Merchandising units of this kind are easy to shop as well as easy to restock, so they’re perfect for in-store promotions.

Merchandising units can be supplied flat packed for assembly at point of sale, or, more commonly, pre-filled with your product and made ready-for-retail.  Easypack’s Co-packing facility is perfectly set up to receive large volume and bulky items.  The obvious benefit of pre-filled merchandising units is that they arrive fully pre-merchandised and ready for the shop floor. They can be placed in store and the transit covers removed and they’re immediately ready for your customers.

When ordering merchandising units, you will be supported and guided from the design concept right through to delivery. Original artwork can be created or we can take and adapt your existing artwork.

Why Choose Easypack Displays?

  • Tailored creative design to your exact specifications
  • Always maximise product facings and stock holding
  • Supply individually packed, bulk packed, pre-assembled or pre-filled
  • Maintained an ‘On Time In Full’ delivery of between 97.9% and 99.8% since 2007
  • Quality construction that will withstand busy environments & adhere to store guidelines
  • 100% recyclable, made from recycled and sustainable forestry materials
  • All sustainable forestry materials are FSC®-certified

To discuss your temporary cardboard display options please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.

More examples of cardboard merchandising units

Evian Merchandising Unit
Brewdog Larger pallet display
Zip BBQ essential Quarter Pallet Display
Pallet Display for Firelighters
Carling Pallet
Quarter Pallet Califia Farms display
Homefires FSDU
quarter Pallet Display
McGuidan Wine Merchandising Unit
Lloyd Grossman Merchandising Unit
Huggies Merchandising Unit
merchandising unit display 010
Huggies Pull-Up Merchandising Unit

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