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Half and Full Pallet Cardboard Displays

The perfect display solution for large, bulky, and heavy items

Full or half pallet cardboard displays are an excellent way for you to merchandise large, bulky, and heavy items, as they’re easy to fill and restock and they’re also easy to shop for your customers, which is even more important. Half and full pallet cardboard displays can be colourfully and creatively designed to reflect your brand, product, and promotional campaigns, attracting customer’s and demanding attention. 

Your manufactured cardboard displays can be designed as flat packed units or pre-packed displays, transit wrapped and delivered straight to store ready. By sending them in pre-filled they will be instantly ready for retail.

Pallet displays are particularly robust and are therefore popular for heavy items such as trays or packs of canned drinks, boxed toys, personal care, kitchen appliances, DIY tools, paint, decorating accessories, car accessories, garden, and household items, to name but a few.

Half and full pallet displays are very easy to break down and recycle because they’re made from corrugated cardboard. When a merchandising unit has been emptied of product, it’s easy to replenish it quickly, so that the time your products are available to be shopped by your customers is maximised. 

The Easypack design team will work with you to design and construct your pallet displays to your brand specifications.  You will be supported and guided from design concept through to delivery, originating artwork or taking and adapting your existing artwork.

We can also offer a co-packing service, taking in your product, pre-loading the displays and then shipping to the retailer distribution centres.

Why Choose Easypack Displays?

  • Tailored creative design to your exact specifications
  • Always maximise product facings and stock holding
  • Supply individually packed, bulk packed, pre-assembled or pre-filled
  • Maintained an ‘On Time In Full’ delivery of between 97.9% and 99.8% since 2007
  • Quality construction that will withstand busy environments & adhere to store guidelines
  • 100% recyclable, made from recycled and sustainable forestry materials
  • All sustainable forestry materials are FSC®-certified

To discuss your temporary cardboard display options please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.

More examples of half and full pallet displays

Brewdog Half pallet display for pop soda
Pallet Display for Firelighters
Brewdog Larger pallet display
Full size pallet display for hairdryers
Toot-Toot adventure toys
Full Pallet Display for BaByliss

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