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Dump Bins

Floor standing merchandising solution for loose product

The term ‘dump bins’ probably doesn’t give the effectiveness of these displays enough credit. As floor standing cardboard displays, they have proven to be extremely effective for the successful merchandising of loose single products, packaged multi-product or, if needed, both. 

Cardboard dump bins can be square, circular, hexagonal or another geometric shape that suits your needs and the available space in store.  We’ve produced all manner of different shapes and sizes of cardboard dump bins and they can be a very cost-effective way in which to offer a lot of products to passing customers. Whatever shape is right, they can all be designed and produced as a flood single colour, multi colour or completely plain with a simple printed text. They can be manufactured with or without headers, whatever your product needs to sell it. It’s your choice.

Propagation botanico branded dump bin ready for product and then to merchandise on the shop floor
Oreo biscuits dump bin to promote a 'Dunk to Win' competition

This type of display is a hugely popular way to present a vast assortment of products in store including such lines as plush cuddly toys, hosiery, socks, packed underwear, catalogues, seasonal magazines, small garden accessories, DIY products, beach products, footballs, holiday essentials … pretty much anything … and one of the distinct advantages of dump bins is that they’re easily assembled and easily re-stocked.

The Easypack design team will work with you to design and construct your dump bins to your exact specifications and to do the best job of promoting your products.  You may know exactly what you want and how you want it or Easypack can help to advise and guide you through the process. We can produce fresh new artwork designs for you or adapt existing artwork, whichever is best for your requirement.

Why Choose Easypack Displays?

  • Tailored creative design to your exact specifications
  • Always maximise product facings and stock holding
  • Supply individually packed, bulk packed, pre-assembled or pre-filled
  • Maintained an ‘On Time In Full’ delivery of between 97.9% and 99.8% since 2007
  • Quality construction that will withstand busy environments & adhere to store guidelines
  • 100% recyclable, made from recycled and sustainable forestry materials
  • All sustainable forestry materials are FSC®-certified

To discuss your temporary cardboard display options please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.

More examples of dump bins

Advent Christmas Dump Bin
Easypack Botanico Branded Dump Bin
Lingerie Dump Bin
Oreo Biscuit Dump Bin
Easypack Daffodil Dump Bin for Tesco

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