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The World Land Trust

Supporting a leading organisation in global conservation efforts

Through our ongoing partnership with the World Land Trust Plant a Tree Program, we contribute funds to restore and rejuvenate our precious tropical forests. Each year, our commitment enables the planting of more than 400 trees, not just combating deforestation, but also working towards preserving biodiversity and combatting climate change. This initiative is a proactive contribution to the protection of our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

In addition to our involvement in the Plant a Tree program, we are also participants in the Buy an Acre Program. Through this initiative we are able to safeguard 24 acres of land every year, further ensuring the preservation of our planet’s precious habitats. Together, we continue to save many acres of land threatened by deforestation and other such commercial projects. The Buy an Acre Program is increasingly providing safe havens for wildlife and preserving the rich biodiversity that our planet, and we, rely upon.

The founding of the World Land Trust in 1989 marked a turning point in global conservation efforts. With accelerating deforestation, diminishing areas of vegetation and the continuing decimation of vast areas of natural growth, something positive clearly had to be done. Recognising the urgent need for intervention, the Trust has since become a leading force in protecting and sustainably managing threatened habitats and endangered species.

Their collaborative approach involves working closely with communities, organisations, businesses, and individuals to raise awareness, enhance understanding about the importance of conservation and most importantly, take action and become involved in the objectives. Through their projects they provide crucial information, education, and fundraising opportunities to support this valuable global mission.

One of the ways in which the trust utilises the funds raised is by supporting rangers, who serve as the true guardians of the wild. These dedicated individuals are on the front line of conservation, working tirelessly to protect some of the worlds most endangered species and their incredible habitats. Through our donations, we are regularly contributing to the invaluable work of these teams of devoted rangers, ensuring the long-term preservation of our planet’s biodiversity.

Thanks to the World Land Trust’s tireless efforts, over 1 million hectares of land have been safeguarded, serving as a testament to their commitment to conservation. Furthermore, the trust has provided the means to plant over 2.7m trees, making a significant impact in restoring and replenishing forests around the world.

At Fencor Packaging Group, we are privileged to be part of this remarkable journey towards a sustainable future. Together with the World Land Trust, we are taking action to safeguard our planet, protect endangered species, and preserve the beauty and diversity of our natural world for generations to come.

To learn more about our sustainability journey and social responsibility, please explore our development areas below. For the latest news on our sustainability initiatives, be sure to check out our dedicated Instagram feed.

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