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The Forest Stewardship Council®

Supporter of responsible management of our world’s forestry resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to achieving Carbon Nett Zero in Scopes 1 and 2, we have a program of supporting and collaborating with organisations that operate on a global scale for the betterment of all. One such organisation is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

The FSC® was established in 1993 with the primary objective of advocating for the responsible management of our world’s forestry resources. The Forest Stewardship Council® plays a major, critical role in safeguarding one of our most precious and endangered resources, the world’s forests.

Operating on an international scale as a non-profit entity, the FSC® not only sets the standards for forestry products, but also certifies and labels them to signify their eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability. Through the FSC system, businesses and consumers alike can easily identify, purchase, and utilise wood, paper, and other forest products that are derived from well-managed forests or recycled sources.

Right at the heart of the Forest Stewardship Councils® global forest certification lies two fundamental components: their forest management and the all-important chain of custody systems and processes. By registering with the FSC®, both our operating businesses, Manor Packaging and Easypack Displays, have been granted certification. This certification guarantees that from the forest to the end-user, all FSC® materials and products have been responsibly sourced, ensuring sustainability at every stage of the supply chain. In fact, the system is so robust that it enables us to trace any box or visual display unit back to its very origin in the forest where the trees were grown.

By partnering with the FSC®, we are making a tangible difference in the preservation of our forests and the protection of our planet. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable future and ensure that generations to come can continue to benefit from the invaluable resources our forests provide.

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