Printed Cardboard Packaging with High Quality, Cost Effective, Digital Print

For runs up to, approximately, 10,000 units or so, what we term short to medium runs, you can get high quality printed cardboard packaging, very close to the quality of litho, completed on our hi-tech digital presses. Very often you’ll find that runs below 10,000 units just don’t warrant the costs of setting up and cleaning that accompany the use of litho and flexo printing. Add to these costs the price of printing plates then look at the quality of the print we’re consistently achieving and it makes it even more compelling.

Digital print technology has improved dramatically over the past few years and the quality of the print produced is now no longer noticeably inferior to that of litho which was used, historically, for larger runs. As we continue to invest more and more in digital print technology the print quality is far superior that that of four to five years ago.

As the digital machines we employ have large beds there is a great deal of flexibility and speed available. Unlike with litho, you can have different geographical locations, phone numbers, email addresses, different colours – pretty much anything – all completed at the same time with the same price easily and quickly.

The quality of the work completed on our digital presses is not so close to that of litho machine presses that people not involved with printing struggle to differentiate between them.

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