Retail Ready Packaging Benefits from Fencor Packaging Ltd Upgrade to 4 Colour Flexogrphic Press

New 4-Colour press Delivers


Transcription of Video

Interviewer:  I am here at Fencor Packaging Group with the Assistant Development Director, Chris Hall.  To find out about the New 3 Colour Press that has just been installed and the benefits that it brings the customers.  Chris, this is a fairly substantial investment.  What prompted it?

Chris:  Yes, very substantial investment.  We have been seeing a growing marketplace for the high quality print.  We have been seeing our selves take a greater share of that.

We have been doing a lot of work on behalf of our clients over the last few years and pushing the boundaries.  We felt the time was right, now to take that next step and put in a brand new modern press.

Interviewer:  What are the key advantages that you feel this New 3 Colour Press is going to bring for your clients?

Chris:  Well, certainly one would be the 3 Colour Printer with inline Rotary Dye Cutter.  It has the ability to offer the high quality print.  Our old press was 2-color.  We could do 3 or 4 color, but on a double pass.  We have got the addition of a further Print Station here.  Which enables us to do more print in a single pass and of a higher quality.  There is various elements on this machine that allow us to do that.  We all take on the benefit of being able to dye cut inline on longer run work when required.

Interviewer:  I understand there is a thing called a Vacuum Transfer Element to this machine, and that is quite key.

Chris:  Yeah, absolutely.  The Vacuum Transfer on this new Press allows us to hold the material through the machine perfectly square, so we get perfect print registration to dye cut registration.  On the old machine we have print [00:01:46] print colors which you could end up with just a little bit of twist.  It would only have to be a millimeter out and you are suddenly not perfect.

This Vacuum Transfer does away with that and just holds it square all of the way through the machine at every pass.

Interviewer:  The other thing I heard mentioned was something that is called Light Touch when it comes to the plates hitting the material.

Chris:  Yes.  That is correct.  Again, on the old press more outdated technologies meant that we were often changing things, and so you couldn’t always judge things exactly.  Particularly one print stage to another.

The new Press is computerized and it allows us to adjust the height of the printing plate by .1 of a millimeter.  When we are working with different thickness materials we can get the accuracy on the press not only much quicker, but changing from material to material.  It speeds up that process.  Also, from print unit to print unit, so we get that same accuracy all the through the machine.  That allows us just to sort of kiss the board with the print.  Which enables us to get much finer detail on then end product.

Interviewer:  The lighter weight print materials.  Does that mean there is an opportunity perhaps for a reduction in cost?

Chris:  Absolutely, absolutely.

Interviewer:  If you had to summarize, Chris the three key advantages this machine brings to your customers.  What would they be?

Chris:  Well, just a high quality print.  It is the ability to hold that registration through the machine.  Then there is the ability to work with lighter weight materials when appropriate.  Overall, it can deliver up to a 40 percent reduction in turnaround time because of the improved process speeds and running speeds.

Interviewer:  Chris Hall, thank you very much indeed.

Chris:  Yeah.