Food & Drink Packaging

Food Packaging and Drinks Packaging That Promotes, Protects and Helps to Sell Your Product

When working with you to create your food packaging and drinks packaging, there are many considerations; two that are uppermost are the hygiene standards necessary and the performance of your packaging both in transit and in store.

Whilst it may need to be strong and robust if a product is heavy, such as drinks, or if it’s fragile, such as fine chocolate, it must also reflect the market positioning of your food or drinks product. A premium product, even in a transit box, may be required to reflect the quality of the product contained. Your food and drinks packaging should be able to help sell your product as well as keep it safe and that can be a fine balance.

Another consideration will be the type of promotion you are running, whereas a new product launch might necessitate high resolution litho printed packaging, your ‘buy one get one free’ promotion could utilise a lower cost flexo print solution?

If you are looking for a food and drink packaging manufacturer you can be sure that we will consider how best to achieve the balance you need through discussion, planning and testing.

Your Food Packaging Manufactured to the Highest Standards

Fencor_Aug_2012_002.jpg As we are certified with the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Food Packaging and Other Packaging Materials, both High Risk (previously Category A) and Low Risk(previously Category B), this certification enforces equivalent standards to ISO 9002 in terms of quality management systems and, in addition, imposes stringent hygiene standards throughout our entire production process. You can, therefore, have the confidence you need when we manufacture your food packaging that hygiene, consistency and quality all come as standard

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