Stock & Serve, Co-Packing & Distribution

Co-Packing, Kitting and Distribution of Small and Large Volumes for Your Specific Needs

fencor-copackingCustomers are often demanding, that’s understood, particularly where promotions are concerned. Achieving your all-important in-depot dates is, as a supplier fully approved to the major multiples, something else we understand the importance of.

You will certainly never need to worry that your goods will be in store when needed because our co-packing operation consistently achieves a validated delivery success rate of 99.5%, year on year.

As the packers and managers at the Easypack warehouse are some of the most experienced you’ll find in the co-packing and kitting business, you can be sure you’ll get the kind of service you deserve and need.

The warehouse has very few obstacles and was chosen as it is a particularly clear span space, which means that the work areas are easily navigated, access is excellent and the whole process is geared to maximise efficiency and turnaround.

The procedures used in all our operations surpass the rigorous standards necessary for all principal retailers and the 30,000sq.ft. workspace was refurbished in order to reduce the time required to accomplish your project. The waiting times for loading and unloading lorries is reduced with hydraulic docking bays, allowing faster turnaround times and a greater number of stock turns each shift. The focus is on delivering you a cost and time effective route to market.

Your co-packed units will be delivered on the lorries of trusted, time served, transport associates, wherever and whenever needed.

The co-packing, merchandising and kitting service encapsulates the complete scope of packaging needs, including, if required, stocking and serving, picking and despatching and fulfilment.

The breakdown and reconfiguration of stock, modification, re-labelling and re-working of stock can all be taken care of by our team. They are even able to source specialist packaging if needed for your, kitting, merchandising and bundling.

Add to this the skills of colleagues in pack design, manufacture and assembly and structural design, and you can see how taking advantage of the total End-to-End solution may be beneficial to your cause.

It’s a very adaptable resource which can facilitate the ‘drip feed’ of seasonal packaging to your packing or productions lines at a specified rate, or via our co-packing operation at Easypack.

The new facility was purposefully developed to add to the previously impressive resource for pre-assembling of display units, for co-packing and kitting (the process of assembling multiple pieces for merchandising kits) and a stock and serve operation.

If you have any questions please contact us now to consider your co-packing and distribution requirements.