What Makes a Good Design Department?

Talented, experienced and enthusiastic designers, the right equipment and the right environment. Well, that’s the opinion of our team at Manor Packaging in Whittlesey anyway. Following the recent arrival of our new design manager, Anthony Burton, who brought with him a fresh perspective and ideas, as well as a host of experience, we decided to […]

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Oreo Submarine POP Display Nominated for POPAI 18 Award

It’s always exciting to have a piece of work nominated for an award but to have something nominated for the POPAI Awards is extra special as, to quote POPAI… “They’re a showcase for those dedicated to achieving excellence in-store. The POPAI Awards are the ultimate symbol of creativity, innovation and best practice – a hallmark […]

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Which cardboard packaging print method could increase your profitability?

There are of course many considerations when deciding which print method to use for your packaging but advances in technology have been a real game changer for many businesses who are in the know. Top quality print has long been the domain of litho print and, for long runs it often still is. However, the […]

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The BBC’s Dragon’s Den meets Fencor’s packaging…

An e-commerce packaging box designed and manufactured by Fencor Packaging Group Limited in Peterborough, on behalf of PMYK, has featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Piers Linney and Kelly Hoppen were the two successful Dragons to each secure a 7.5% stake in online men’s clothing specialist Enclothed for a total investment of £70,000. It was […]

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How Important Is e-Commerce Packaging To Your Success When Your Products Are Delivered Through The Post?

It’s an interesting, and important, question, and one we’ve been discussing in the office more and more over recent months – and that’s because more and more businesses are coming to us for help in creating e-commerce packaging solutions. Solutions range from small to large, simple to complex, plain to highly colourful designs. What is […]

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Video: e-commerce & e-retail packaging – Protect & Build your Brand Cost Effectively

Brand awareness Brand protection Fast, simple assembly Customer friendly assembly Simple for returns

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New, High Tech, 3-Colour Press Delivers Greater Options for Higher Quality with Lower Cost Materials

With the retail environment demanding more and more colour, not only on its retail ready packaging but also on its conventional packaging, the very latest technology available in high end 3 colour presses will prove to be a real advantage to retailers in creating more impact for brands at a lower cost than the printing […]

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Video: New High-Tech 3-Colour Flexo Press

New 3-Colour Press Delivers Increased Quality and the Ability to Use Lighter Weight and Lower Cost Materials High quality flexographic print Highly accurate print to die cut registration Works with lighter weight materials to potentially reduce costs Up to 40% faster turnaround times

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What Does It Mean to Be One of the 1000 Most Inspiring Companies in the UK?

The fact that SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) form the large majority of businesses in the UK – some 99.2% of the 4.9 million businesses that existed at the beginning of 2013 – is nothing new to many people.  However, the fact that SME’s are not just critical to the UK economy, in fact, critical […]

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Halloween Mail Order Box Comes to Life!

OK, not literally! However, take one plain but very sturdy mail order box, add some excellently executed pen and ink graphics of scary ‘stuff’ (printed superbly I might add J ) and you now have very impressive and compelling packaging strong enough for sending Halloween treats directly to customers that (metaphorically) brings it to life! […]

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Innovative Solution for CD and DVD Packaging

Whenever I buy a CD online, my biggest grumble as a consumer is that nine times out of ten, the plastic jewel case is, at the very least, cracked or, very often, smashed. OK, it’s the CD I really want so in the great scheme of things it’s no big deal, but it is still […]

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