Merchandising Units – AKA Dollies / UDP’s / K-Roll /RDP’s

The different names used to describe merchandising units are varied but, whatever they’re called, they’re all big.

The size often makes them a magnet for shoppers as they can be easily identified from afar. Their 800 x 600 bulk can pull shoppers from one end of an aisle to the other.

Merchandising unit.2Where a larger display area is required, as an example, for heavy or bulky items such as jars, bottles and catalogues, they are ideal.

Due to their size, and often the contents, these merchandising units are usually delivered directly to the shop floor. The protector sleeve or cover is removed once it’s in position and it’s ready to shop.

Although most are shipped already filled with product they can be flat packed if needed ready to be assembled and filled elsewhere.

They are, like most of our cardboard packaging, 100% recyclable, including the transportation protection.

Add die cut, full colour eye-catching promotional headers and they’re very difficult for customers to miss when encountered in the store.

If you’re offering product in bulk, merchandising units of this type and size are worth considering.

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