Hod Display Units and Quickboxes

3 piece HOD unitHod units are especially well suited to the display of products that are not too heavy but are pre-packaged.

The smaller variation of the Hod unit, Quickboxes are quickly assembled and so in place and ready to sell through straight away.

The interesting and valuable feature of Hod Units is that the base of the display is used to store the header unit and top bin in transit making it a very cost effective unit to ship and transport. As a multi-piece unit the options to be really creative are great.

Shelf units can be added to promote a variety of products which makes it excellent for cross-selling smaller items cost effectively.

Delivered flat-packed, ready for assembly and stocking or pre-assembled and pre-filled direct to store gives you another choice to make life easier.

These units are a versatile and flexible merchandising tool which come in all manner of sizes and shapes so can be used to sell where larger display units often can’t.

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