Free Standing Display Units Are Cardboard Displays Designed Specifically to Increase Sales of Your Products.

An FSDU, well designed and bespoke for your purpose, can capture attention and persuade shoppers to buy, increasing your product sales.

Merchandising Units can really assist in focusing the minds of your customers’, maintaining their awareness of your products and promoting your brand. A complete range of sizes and shapes of Point of Sale display FSDU’s are available, dependent upon your requirements, needs and objectives.

The design team at Easypack POP Displays will ensure your FSDU’s stand out in any retail environment, grabbing the attention of your prospective buyers, because they understand your FSDU’s can be critical to your promotions and the ongoing success of your products.

FSDU’s should show your products to their best advantage, be they large and complex or small and simply designed. We’ll ensure you have a whole raft of options available to you and, whatever you decide upon, your FSDU’s will be designed and manufactured in line with your specific requirements.

To make your project ready for manufacture, If you need structural design and/or graphic design, our experienced design team, who are fully equipped, will be delighted to help you from beginning to end if needed.

Here are a few of the key benefits of FSDU’s (Free Standing Display Units)

• Designed bespoke to your Requirements
• Designed, printed and manufactured in-house for you
• Effectively offering your products for sale
• Eco friendly and cost effective cardboard construction
• Can be either pre-filled, pre-assembled or flat packed
• More than one type of product can be displayed due to the shelved units

From department stores and cash and carry warehouses to major retail supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centres and petrol stations. FSDU’s can be found promoting and offering for sale millions of pounds worth of products up and down the UK.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using your FSDU’s to sell confectionary, bottled drinks and snacks or VD’s, books, electronics or cleaning products … they need to be highly effective in grabbing the attention of your potential and existing customers. The design must clearly communicate your message, tempting and enticing them to buy from your FSDU right now.

To discuss how to maximise return on your FSDU’s contact us now.