Fencor Using In-House Manufactured Corrugated Sheet Board

After 4 years of planning, design and construction, Fencor Packaging is now utilising supplies of corrugated sheet board manufactured by its co-owned corrugator. The corrugator is housed in a 320,000 sq.ft facility in Scunthorpe and is managed by CorrBoard UK a partnership project with seven other UK based sheet plants and an American partner, Corrugated Synergies International.

Having an in-house board manufacturing facility provides some distinct advantages. It gives Fencor even greater control over the manufacturing process, ensures consistency of supply and enables still further improvement in service levels. As CorrBoard UK operates a palletless process it drives out cost and reduces environmental impact.

The amount of transport needed is reduced and a baling process, rather than palletising, reduces damage, and therefore wastage, resulting in better overall efficiencies.

The CorrBoard UK machine is the first new corrugator to be installed in the UK in 20 years and follows a total combined investment of some £15m.

Phase one of the project means you can have even greater reliance on the fact that your packaging will be delivered on time, in full, to a consistently high quality and at the right price.

This machine is infinitely more controllable than its predecessors and the ability to control so many different elements of the process enables us to produce more performance orientated grades of corrugated board.

Now that phase one is up and running well, phase two is to invest in more R & D and laboratory facilities to improve innovation.

Updates will be posted as they become available.