Fencor Group’s Easypack/POP Displays Wins Silver at POPAI 19 Awards

Shark POP Display POPAI awards 19

Earlier in the year Easypack/POP Displays were delighted to hear that they had been nominated for the second year running for a POPAI Award. The POP Display was designed and manufactured in partnership with TMS.

Easypack were excited to receive the nomination for an award at the industry’s leading award ceremony and were even more excited to be able to announce that the Oreo Cookie Shark Display, for Cadbury, won the Silver Award for 2019 in the Temporary Display Confectionery category.

The comment from the judges was;

“Really strong and confident execution to use the shark in a way that is visually impactful but does not compromise the stock holding. A great example of the creativity that can be achieved in cardboard without compromising on the functionality of the unit.”

The judges’ comments were welcomed by Business Development Director, Chris Hall who said;

“The judges’ comments showed their insight in appreciating the balance between visual impact and the ability to promote a plentiful stock holding. That’s always good value for the client. That they considered it to be a great example of how cardboard can be used structurally and creatively without compromise is just great. It’s exactly what our client was looking for.”

The Easypack POP display is fully recyclable, totally sustainable and disposable via the retailers usual recycling partners.
The display successfully achieved its marketing goals in the store environment achieving a very successful implementation for both the retailer and the brand.

Category Analyst for the Co-Op, Denis Brid, stated;
“I think that is the best bit of creative POS I’ve ever seen!”

It probably goes without saying that both the TMS and Easypack POP /Display Teams were delighted to win another prestigious POPAI award, especially two years in a row, but primarily because it’s a POP Display that absolutely delivered on all the customers objectives … and that’s what matters most.

Neil Farrow