The impact Fencor Packaging Group can make on the environment is something we take very seriously, here are the details of the Group environmental policy.

It is our responsibility and policy to minimise the packaging we design. Where possible we will propose recycled materials, however if any kraft materials are used you can be assured we buy from supplies of managed softwood forests that are certified as sustainable.

As a packaging supplier we are committed to the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 2003. All of our products are designed to use materials that comply with these requirements, minimising packaging where possible and limiting environmental impact.

The Fencor Packaging Group actively supports the ‘Corrugated Recycles’ campaign, as promoted by the Confederation of Paper Industries.

We are also specialist producers of die cut corrugated packaging. Our factories have been set up to efficiently convert high volume batch run quantities as well as low volumes of die cut packaging. Our most efficient diecutters will operate at a speed of nearly 5,000 feeds per hour. These machines are large enough to often run jobs 5 up out of a sheet, giving an output in the region of 25,000 die cut boxes per hour. Being totally flexible we are also armed with alternative die cut machines that are suited to smaller quantity batch runs, often producing just hundreds at a time.

With dedicated kit primarily set up for the production of Shelf Ready Packaging SRP or Retail Ready Packaging RRP Fencor Packaging can offer bespoke packaging solutions suited to the UK retail market. We offer one to one expert advice in this area to ensure your packaging meets your needs, the needs of the retailer and most importantly the needs of the customer.

One of our core product lines is the manufacture of Transit Shipping Boxes, or regular glued cases as they are referred to. These are often plain or a simple 1 or 2 colour print. If printed then this is applied in line at the time of manufacture. Our machines are geared to produce low quantities for the smaller user or high volume runs for the regular user of corrugated boxes. Our kit has been carefully selected to keep set times to a minimum and run speeds to a maximum whilst producing a consistent standard of product.

Many clients are using cardboard pallet boxes to protect their goods, especially for the export market. These boxes are designed to withstand a heavy load and long haul trips across the globe. Often made from a heavy 5 ply cardboard material, along with a heat treated pallet we have a range of these pallet boxes on the shelf ready for use. The standard range of cardboard pallet boxes are often known in the industry as half europa or a full europa pallet box. If these are not to your desired size then we can manufacture exactly to your sizes to fit your containers or vehicles to maximise space and minimise shipping costs for your business.

The Fencor Packaging Group have a dedicated site to the world of Point Of Sale Packaging and Retail Ready Packaging. Easypack POP Displays, based in Mildenhall have years of experience and approvals with the major retailers within the UK and can tailor your requirements so that your display packaging is not only fit for purpose, but also knowingly matched to the retailers packaging guidelines.

Please scroll through the various product lines for more details on our capabilities.

If you have any questions regarding the Fencor environmental policy, please contact us we’ll be happy to help or Download a copy of our Environmental Policy