Celled, Hooked and Waterfall Display Units – Promoting Everything, from Sweets and Pet Treats to DVD’s and Novels

For displaying and promoting smaller items that you want facing toward your customers, celled display, hooked display and waterfall display units are perfect.

Hooked display unitOne real benefit when using multi-celled display units is that you can promote an assortment of merchandise on one display. You can catch the eye of shoppers with the latest Lee Childs novel right next to the latest Foo Fighters or Taylor Swift album. It’s an excellent means of maximising your retail footprint and they make for very eye catching units.

These corrugated cardboard display units, like others, can benefit from good design with your branding, and a diversity of imagery and colours printed on them to capture the attention of your customers.

As you’d expect, whether you choose celled, hooked or waterfall display units you can have them pre-assembled, pre-filled or flat packed. Delivered ready to be shopped or for efficient use of storage, whichever suits your needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your requirements for hooked, celled or waterfall display units and we’ll be happy to help you.