Environmentally Sustainable Packaging

It sometimes feels as though we have been environmentally conscious for a lifetime, over the past decade or so, we’ve definitely become even more responsible environmentally. Now, due to our 10% ownership of CorrBoard UK, Fencor Packaging Group has become more environmentally sustainable too.

During 2013, along with several strategic partners, Fencor Packaging Group invested, invested in an innovative, high tech corrugated sheet board manufacturing company. It was the first sheet plat to be built in the UK for decades and the vision was to be world leading, a carbon neutral, self sustaining sheet feeding production plant. CorrBoard UK started producing corrugated sheet board of various types in 2014 with a capacity today of 200 million square metres of corrugated sheet board annually.

Anaerobic Digester for Corrugated Sheet Board Plant

Two years after it began production plans were unveiled that would see CorrBoard UK become completely self sufficient for power through the building of a modular Anaerobic Digester.

Anaerobic digestion being the process whereby organic materials, such as food waste, vegetation and animal waste are broken down, or biodegraded, to produce bio-fertiliser and bio-gas. The process occurs in an oxygen free environment, in sealed tanks called anaerobic digesters. The resulting bio-gas is then used to create electricity.

The £5.5 million Anaerobic Digester became operation in October 2019 when sister company, CorrBoard Bioenergy Ltd, completed the project and the AD plant started to produce enough power to run the entire plant and feed the excess into the National Grid.

The area surrounding CorrBoard UK has a vast array of food processing business, from whom the 25,000 tonnes of waste materials come to feed the anaerobic digester. There is minimal transport needed and it prevents the rubbish from going into landfill sites around the UK. Organic fertiliser is a by-product of the process and is supplied to the agricultural industry, completing the circle and ensuring the cycle continues..

This highly innovative project is, we believe, a world first it being a sustainable energy generation plant, fuelled with organic waste, providing power and heat for the production of corrugated sheet board for the manufacture of sustainable point of sale displays and cardboard packaging..

As an environmentally aware organisation we introduced environmental practices into the business long ago that have a real impact. We’ve considered ourselves to be a very environmentally friendly business, making a real difference to the world, not just paying lip service.

However, as we’ve grown, developed and progressed, our drive to be as sustainable environmentally as possible  has become increasingly important to us.

The whole group now operates in an environmentally responsible way. Individual plants and divisions follow best practice, everything from buying sustainable products from environmentally responsible suppliers to utilising proven effective and ecologically sound methods to recycle waste  into energy.

It’s marvellous to witness the completion of this project making part of the Group wholly self-sufficient for its heat and power.

anaerobic-digestion-how_it_worksAs a manufacturing company approaching the use of 20 million square metres of corrugated sheet board annually, the ability to buy our base materials from a sister company that is creating its own power and heat, is huge.

CorrBoard Bioenergy Ltd produces sufficent electricity to run 1500 homes. As the plant needs just 50% of that energy, CorrBoards anaerobic digester makes it one of the most efficient, environmentally sound sheet feeder manufacturing plants in the world today.

The excess energy not needed by CorrBoard is fed directly into the National Grid, further offsetting the carbon footprint of other parts of the group.

A spokesman for the company stated “CorrBoard Bio is a bold statement to our customers who genuinely want to procure corrugated packaging with strong ecological credentials. This is a timely venture providing greener solutions and industry leading benefits for consumers of paper-based packaging”.

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