Our People

Packaging People Who Will Always Help You

Expertise and experience in packaging operationally is an absolute necessity and we have a great deal of it; however what really makes the biggest difference to performance is our people.

It is the attitude and willingness to help and to focus on you as our customer which differentiates the Fencor team. If they have a can do attitude and the ability to do the job well, we know they’ll fit in and be an asset.

The training and development of the team keeps them focused on your needs and objectives, ensures they keep you up to date and informed so that you can make fully qualified decisions. They know that, even on the rare occasion it isn’t the best of news, you need to know so that you can deal with it.

The team at Fencor are proud of what they achieve for you, and we, in turn, are proud of them.

Please contact the team now if you have any questions.